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Allyce -The Thirty Minute Portrait Shoot

In our Creative Photography Workshop this week, I demonstrated a thirty-minute portrait shoot. Our model is the delightful Allyce, who is fifteen years old, and I had never previously met. The location was our usual meeting room at Tottington Library, with no photographic backdrops or props, only a red chair. 

Despite being watched by twenty onlookers and mum, Allyce soon settled in, and we achieved some lovely images.



James and Tom

Heaton Park

Autumn; love it, love it, love it! Gorgeous light and amazing colours. 

When an old school friend that I haven't seen for years (since leaving school, in fact), asked us to photograph his boys, we headed straight to the park for that autumnal backdrop. Everywhere we looked was awash with golds, reds, yellows.... Ironically, my friend chose a lovely selection of black & white images :s


Little Evy

Photographing children is always a real joy, especially when they're having fun. We decided long ago that posing children in the studio is totally not the way to go. But when they're showing you their toys, or playing in the park, they burst into life.

With little Evy, we started at her home where she made us some delicious imaginary tea with her little tea set. Next we ventured out for a walk along the canal tow-path where mum and dad were on tenterhooks watching her, not because of the canal, but because Eve loves dogs and fearlessly bounded over to every hound that came along – big or small.

We went home exhausted but with some lovely shots in the bag, having had a real fun day.