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'The Room' a short film by the Wednesday Photography Workshop

I hold a photography workshop every Wednesday evening at Bury Adult Learning Centre. The learners are a great, good-humoured bunch and so I decided to exploit this nuttiness and put together this short stop-start animated film. The crew brought in their own props and all had some input into the order of events. 

The stills were shot on a Canon 5DII which does have very good HD video facility, but I wanted that staccato jumpiness that stop-start films have. The average movie has around twenty-four frames per second, whereas our little film has a new frame every 0.75 of a second. There is one hundred and ten individual frames, not including titles. The music was downloaded from, and the whole film was put together using Pictures to EXE.

Here's a little glimpse into the crazy world of the Wednesday Night Photo Workshop. It may not be original, but it was great fun to do and it makes us smile. Enjoy!