Last Sunday was a desperately sad day. We lost my dad, Vinny Parker, after a mercifully short struggle with a brain tumor.  He was a humble and gentle man, and extremely good at what he did. He was well respected as an exceptionally good pianist, especially on the jazz scene, although he worked with some great artists of different genres.  

Today was the funeral and reception afterwards for family and friends; those who knew him best. Surprisingly, this was not a sad day at all, but rather a celebration of dad's life. There were around two hundred people in attendance at the funeral.  Afterward, a few of his old musician pals got together for a final blast in his honourorganised by Bassist Dave Turner, sax player Michael 'Munch' Manship and a host of great players. A great send off for a great bloke.  

The stock-music on this video does not do the gig justice, and if I had been thinking more clearly on the day, I would have recorded the event.